The Project

My Senior Project

For my senior project, I plan to design and then create an app where users can play games I have created for them. I will learn how to, and then make the app without classes or special education through the use of online resources and my mentor. Then I will publish the app for the public to use. The reason I chose this activity for my senior project connects partially to my family, and partially to my own interest, explained in the intro of my senior research investigation.


November: Research what it takes to publish an app. ✔️

December: Continue research and take notes on software development. ✔️

January: Begin creating the app, researching problems along the way.✔️

February: Finish the app and begin to bug test. ✔️

May: Once all bugs are found, publish to the app store. ✔️

March - My Demise: Continue to update and fix app