The Man

Who am I?

About me

From a young age, technology and more specifically computers peaked my interest. Although, I did not own a phone until my thirteenth birthday, I dreamed of my name in bold lettering across the App Store, I dreamed to be renowned as a successful app inventor, and more importantly as "the family IT guy". I began working with computers when I watched my mom build our first custom computer. What really interested me was how all of the parts worked together with the "brain" of the computer to perform tasks unmatched by mankind. Since then I have tinkered with every possible part of our computer, constantly taking it apart and then reassembling. In the future I look to hold a doctorate of Computer Science to take my understanding of this to the next level. Although it makes some people uncomfortable, the truth is that our future will be dominated by computers, and I for one, do not want to be the person who walks blindly into this future.

I was always reading as a kid